Sprint 3 Retrospective

Our third and final sprint for the semester was our strongest sprint to date. Everyone in the team could feel that we were really hitting our stride and solving issues as they were being created. We were able to look at what went wrong in our prior sprints and not get trapped in the same […]

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Dig Deeper

While reading the “Dig Deeper” pattern, all I could think of was how the authors had just blown-up whatever spot I thought I was hiding in. As a student, I typically would study or pay attention to the things I needed to work on in terms of meeting an assignment deadline or just getting an […]

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Learn To Fail

“Learning How You Fail” is all about realizing that you’ve grown in mastery but at the same time remain stagnant in other areas. Rather than trying to overcompensate for shortcomings, taking the same effort and seeking introspection instead seems to be more worthwhile. When I think about it that way it makes sense, although breaking […]

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Sweep The Floor

The sweeping the floor pattern is all about earning your dues. It’s a rite of passage for any apprentice to earn their place in their respective workshops. Over the years I’ve gotten my haircut countless times. In a barbershop, you’ll likely come across a younger individual who all the barbers are always cracking jokes on. […]

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Practice, Practice, Practice…

The authors of the Apprenticeship Patterns book do an amazing job of capturing my attention. The opening quote that the “Practice, practice, practice” pattern starts off with demanded that I pay attention to what comes next. “People we know as masters don’t devote themselves to their particular skill just to get better at it. The […]

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Expand Your Bandwidth

The Expand Your Bandwidth pattern gives advice that makes suggestions based on how the title sounds, broaden your horizons. In learning how to traverse the field of software development there are many tools one must learn to become a successful developer. One type of solution will not work for every problem that a developer faces […]

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Sprint 2 Retrospective

With our second sprint concluded, our team made significant progress but also experienced large amounts of stagnation. I think this was due to the weeklong spring break smack dab in the middle of the sprint that caused nearly everyone’s productivity to drop to all-time lows. The biggest win we achieved was learning how to and […]

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Be The Worst

Sometimes being the worst is not the worst thing to be recognized as. It can be a scalable thing. In sports for example, being the worst player on the Boston Celtics may seem like a bad position to be in. The reality is that your skills are far more impressive in comparison to the average […]

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The White Belt Pattern

The white belt apprentice pattern refers to the part of the movie where the main character thinks they know it all, but instead suffer tragically in some way due to their ignorance. This pattern recognizes that now that you have some skills, the real journey begins. Assumptions can sometimes be dangerous and can impede your […]

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The Pattern Of Enthusiasm

I think an apprentice should portray acts of enthusiasm for whatever they are aspiring to learn. I’ve found myself to have copious amounts of enthusiasm for learning how to program and becoming better at it. The issue I run into is finding ways to express that enthusiasm. I get giddy when I think about becoming […]

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